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UPDATE - Following a spate of copyrighted image thefts of my photographs I must emphasize that ALL images are copyright. Any photographs taken without my written permission will be subject to a minimum charge of £250 per image for unauthorised use.

I've always enjoyed taking photographs. However I was almost always disappointed with the results obtained through High Street processors. Since going digital and with the ability to do my own image processing on a computer and even home based high quality printing my enthusiasm has simply exploded.

I normally work with Nikon digital cameras - D800E & D700 , mainly Nikon lenses coupled with processing via Adobe Lightroom 5 and Photoshop software.

Please feel free to provide feedback on my photos and dont hesitate to get in touch with any photography related quesions.

Oh - just in case you were wondering... The image above was taken by my daughter while I photographed a practice session of motorbike racing on the Isle of Man - home of the TT races.