Linda Flanagan(non-registered)
I work at the Andrew Low House Museum in Savannah, GA. I’ve been enjoying your photos of Wellsbourne House as I talk about it as part my tour.
Any history from Juliette and Williams ownership on would be helpful if you inclined to provide it.
Dave Dixon(non-registered)
Hi Clive just spotted your page with some old pictures of Geest Happy Days! Hope you keeping well and Ill take this opportunity to Wish You A Very Happy New Year. All The Best Clive.

Rick Lee(non-registered)
This takes me back a few years, Clive. Great photos.
Marie Tracey(non-registered)
Some absolutely fantastic photo's in here and so very well travelled! You even have Idris Elba (swoon). You are a very talented man :)
Philip Enticknap(non-registered)
Some stunning photography here. ( I have been a professional photographer all of my working life ) Mind if I enquire who provides your on-line print shop. Keep up the good work.
Mac McConnell-Wood(non-registered)
I was Crew Chief on XM 657 ,from1965 -1970.......if you ever need the odd bit -go to RAF Manston, where her mortal remains lie -after our fire service finished with her.
She was the last B2 built -what a way to go ...!
Steve champion(non-registered)
Great photos met up with you down the gcr the other weekend and I aspire to be half as good as you
Alan Green
Great shots. I will be buying some of your prints shortly (some already in the basket) just so hard to choose!
gordon mcculloch(non-registered)
Thanks for the quick reply had a wonderful day with all the best
Duane Junkin(non-registered)
Next Time I am in Denver I want to see Union Station at night.
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